What is Day 1 Bags?

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing dignity through giving NEW bags and backpacks to foster and at-risk youth in need.

What DOES Day 1 Bags MEAN?

The phrase is motivational and means the first day of a plan, a new life without the worries of abuse and/or neglect. Day 1 is a way for many to start planning on a new life, to accomplish what you want your life to be, and commit on Day 1 a life of hope, dignity, security, and love.


Day 1 Bags is a nonprofit organization that provides brand new duffle bags and backpacks to youth in foster care instead of trash bags as luggage when being removed from their homes or moved from shelter to shelter.


Eliminate the use of trash bags as a form of luggage when a child enters into care, between shelters, or ages out of care.

Intentional Giving

Give therapeutic and thoughtful resources, tools that meet the youth’s real needs while in care.

Share your story

We use GreatNonProfits to aggregate your opinion. So please “share your story” about Day 1 Bags. It is extremely important to us to understand how we can improve, and how we are doing. Thank you!

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