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A Serenity Activity Pack (ASAP)

A Serenity Activity Pack

The A Serenity Activity Pack campaign is our thoughtful and considerate desire of making every encounter with the men and women that keep us safe in law enforcement to be comforting, safe, and caring for all children. Many of the youth we have helped in the past have mentioned to us that their experiences with law enforcement have been negative because they are often dealing with traumatic events like domestic violence issues, or removal of custody. Therefore, they often attribute bad thoughts and feelings toward law enforcement. We want to change that stigma. The A Serenity Activity Pack (ASAP) Initiative was designed to give various law enforcement a bag filled with necessary supplies like fidget spinners, plush toys, coloring books, and wipes for police to give to children while encountering a situation. Please consider visiting our Facebook page for more images and details:

How you can help?

  1. Shop at our Amazon wishlist for items
  2. Purchase a therapy bear here
  3. Contact us for your own law enforcement officers to receive ASAP bags (day1bags@gmail.com)