Our Impact


Our impact

Over 110,000 Duffel bags and counting…

With your donations, we have partnered with Flying Circle Bags to deliver more than 110,000 bags to children. Your continued support will allow us to continue to serve our youth in their time of need.

To learn more about the best bags ever, visit – www.flyingcirclegear.com

Flying Circle

At times, when the duffel or backpacks are just not quite right for the group home, I use the sister company Mint®. You can visit them at www.ohmint.com to learn more. If you want the bags personalized, just ask. There is a small fee associated with personalization but we can work it out to fit your needs for the foster youth.


Happy Students

Thank you Day 1 Bags for your generous gift of backpacks and duffel bags! We are thrilled to have your support! Through your donation we have been able to provide backpacks to our children for school and also duffel bags to pack their belongings when they leave. You truly make the difference for our children at St. Peter St. Joseph Children’s Home, and we are extremely grateful!

-St. Peter St. Joseph Children's Home

When I was in foster care, I’d receive presents from a local charity. The workers would ask, what is on your Christmas wishlist? I answered “to go back home to my mom.” That never happened. The grief and pain of never being reunified with my mom still lingers on. However, my new bag offers me connection, hope and dignity. Here is the truth about the meaning behind my bag: sometimes going to unfamiliar places throughout the day, my bag is where I can take a piece of home with me wherever I go. -It makes me feel like I am prepared for anything. -It’s also very special to me because it’s new, great quality and dependable.-I guess you could say my bag is like my best friend 🙂 It hangs out with me all day long.-I cannot survive without it- you never know when you just need whatever random thing might be in your bag-My bag is my life… Without it I feel naked. Thank you Day 1 Bags. Life is better with my new bag – I feel connected.

-Foster Child