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Adopt a High School Senior from Foster Care

Our annual Adopt a High School Senior from Foster Care Campaign is one of the most ambitious and necessary initiatives we run at Day 1 Bags. We are dedicated to finding and supplying every single foster child that is graduating from high school with a high-quality duffle bag, rolling backpack, hand-stitched quilt, stainless steel water bottle, a $100 gift card, and so many more gifts. Foster youth are significantly less likely to graduate high school and finish out their education based on individuals that have the care of one or two parents. In fact, less than 50% of all foster youth graduate with a high school diploma. Even then, those that do end up graduating are not given the proper celebrations and gifts that they deserve. Many haven’t the family or community to celebrate their accomplishments. This simple fact is preciously why we have created the Adopt a Senior Campaign. With your help, we can ensure that every senior in Texas (or your current state) has their foster seniors graduating with the necessary supplies that will help them in their future college, trade, or career. Please visit the link below to visit our information Facebook page.

Special Gifts – Handmade quilts, zipper pouches, laundry bags – To much of our surprise, this year we had thousands of volunteers make personalized gifts for the Class of 2022 seniors. We were not only able to collect and distribute over 600 quilts this year, but we are already at 90% sponsored quilts for the Class of 2023. Due to the success of this special gift, the state of Missouri is going to have the same type of celebration for its Class of 2023 seniors. Here is our feature photo from the quilt effort from Class of 2022:

A Serenity Activity Pack

The A Serenity Activity Pack campaign is our thoughtful and considerate desire of making every encounter with the men and women that keep us safe in law enforcement to be comforting, safe, and caring for all children. Many of the youth we have helped in the past have mentioned to us that their experiences with law enforcement have been negative because they are often dealing with traumatic events like domestic violence issues, or removal of custody. Therefore, they often attribute bad thoughts and feelings toward law enforcement. We want to change that stigma. The A Serenity Activity Pack (ASAP) Initiative was designed to give various law enforcement a bag filled with necessary supplies like fidget spinners, plush toys, coloring books, and wipes for police to give to children while encountering a situation. Please consider visiting our Facebook page for more images and details:

Back to School Drives

Back to School Drives
As you may have noticed, this summer has been a season of growth, expansion, and great impact. We can barely hold in the amount of gratitude that we hold for all those who are donating, serving, and praying for the success of our mission: to ensure no child feels forgotten or disrespected. by providing the basic necessity of a backpack or bag. This past August has far exceeded any single year of bags being shipped! Since 2015, we have never had a single year exceeding 12,000 bags. We have done it ONE MONTH!

#LoveDelivered – Valentine

There’s no day like Valentine’s Day to make that someone special in your life know how you feel about them. Valentine’s Day can be a unique opportunity to let the foster youth know how much they are loved too. At Day 1 Bags, we partner with the entire 10,000 enrolled students at Boerne ISD to deliver LOVE! We completed our 3rd annual #LoveDelivered Campaign where thousands of Valentine’s Cards, Fuzzy Socks, Candy, and Warm Blankets were donated by the students and distributed to local assisted living facilities and foster youth agencies. We want our lonely, forgotten, and isolated seniors and foster youth to know that we LOVE them – every day!