Your donation makes a huge impact

Over 500 children enter the foster care system each day and most of them may be removed from their home with their belongings stuffed in a trash bag. These children have been neglected and often feel like they don’t matter.

A Day 1 Bag provides children entering the foster care system a sense of dignity and hope. How can a “bag” give dignity or hope? We know because each bag is of the highest quality, anyone would be proud to own, and with so much room for their only treasures. Dignity, not trash, is what we believe is needed during their traumatic times.





United Texas Credit Union

Account: Day 1 Bags


Frost Bank

Account: Day 1 Bags



Donor Advised Funds are an easy, tax-efficient way to manage charitable donations. Donor Advised Funds allow donors to make a charitable contribution, receive an immediate tax deduction, and then recommend grants from the fund over time for Day 1 Bags.

Day 1 Bags is proud to be a resource and partner to several of the United States’ largest Donor Advised Fund sponsor organizations and their philanthropic services teams. We are well-versed in the mechanics of Donor Advised Fund giving and the applicable IRS regulations. Our team performs due diligence on every grant recommendation to ensure that your grant money will be used for charitable purposes towards the Day 1 Bags mission. You can make single or recurring grants, either with recognition or with total anonymity. Clients of Fidelity Charitable, Schwab Charitable, and BNY Mellon can easily make a designation through the DAF Direct window on this page.

Day 1 Bags Tax ID Number is 84-5024295


Make checks/money orders payable to

Day 1 Bags
C/O Hunter Beaton
118 Lake Front Dr
Boerne, TX 78006


RoundUp App

We love using the RoundUp App – One of the best parts of donating your spare change through RoundUp App is watching your impact add up each month. It’s amazing what 6 months or 1 year of spare change can help Day 1 Bags achieve.

When you use RoundUp App you can easily view your complete giving history, as well as your current RoundUp total. That way your donation at the end of the month is never a surprise, and you can watch your impact grow over time!

Why do children in foster care need you?

The only way Day 1 Bags can fulfill these FREE bag requests is through your donations. We will do our best to fulfill EVERY order. However, if there are not enough donations to cover the cost, we will contact you to work with you on an alternative bag or backpack from other non-profits OR we can fundraise for the bags. Your donations are vital to the youth we serve.

Where do the Duffle Bags or Backpacks Go?

We ship them to our partner foster agencies across the continental U.S.

What if I can Only Donate a Small Amount?

Any donation amount is welcome. For those who help with smaller donations, they are combined and used to ship larger amounts of duffle bags and backpacks.

When do the Duffle Bags and Backpacks get Shipped Out?

The goal is to have all duffle bags and backpacks shipped out by the 1st of every month.

Community Partners

Flying Circle

Kym's Angels Foundation

Texas Coop

BEC Foundation

Davis Family Foundation

The GVTC Foundation

and, many individual donations from people like you!